Lash Masterclass

This class has been created for those who are wanting to learn a new skillset and take their career to the next level. 

Suitable for beginners and experienced Lash Tech's 

The beauty industry is BOOMING and GROWING so quickly, the time to take control of your life and your income is NOW! Be rewarded for your hard work and skill set, work your own hours whilst still making amazing money.  

This course has all our trade secrets from the Do's and Don'ts that we've learnt over the years to a full comprehensive list of all the suppliers we use, we have not kept any secret to ourselves and we're so excited to share everything with you! You'll receive a 50+ page extensive manual to keep after your training has been completed.

Duration: 3 Days

Dates: 26th, 27th & 28th of March

Price: $1700 ($450 Deposit Required)

Masterclass Outline: 

- 3 Live Model Practises 

- What are Lash Extensions

- Lash Extension History

- Eye Anatomy 

- Hair Anatomy

- Hair Growth Cycle

- Golden Rules

- Contra-Indications 

- Consultation

- Eye Shapes

- Lash Maps and Designs

- How to Pick the Right Style for your Client

- Lash Diameters and Weights 

- Hygiene & Infection Control

- Tools and Equipment

-  Glue Science

- Retention Tips and Tricks

- How to Avoid 'Red Eyes'

- How to Manage an Angry Client

- Do's and Don'ts

- What are Classic, Pre-Made and Hand-made Lashes? 

- Pro's and Con's of Each Extension Type

- How to Apply Classic Lashes

- How to Apply Pre-Made Lashes

- How to Apply and Make Hand-Made Fans

- How to Do a Lash Removal

- How to Do an Infill

- Aftercare 

- Trouble Shooting

- Full Suppliers List

- Tape Techniques

- Extensive Marketing, Business and IG Photo Guidance

You Will Also Receive:

- Full Lash Kit

- All Things Social $100 Voucher

- Access to our VIP Facebook Support Group

- Life Time Support

- Certificate of Completion 

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