Ombre Brow Tattoo Aftercare

How you look after your brow tattoo during the healing stage will greatly effect the healed result!

Essential rules to an amazing healed result:

  1. Each morning clean the brow area with a damp cotton tip

  2. Dab the area dry with a cotton tip

  3. Using a cotton tip, apply a very thin layer of aftercare product and allow to dry - it should not be caked on, too much will result in your brows not being able to 'breathe' and taking longer to heal

  4. Avoid makeup in the area until the scabs have fallen off by themselves

  5. Do not pick at the scabs, this will pull the pigment out

  6. You may lose some brow hairs - this is normal and as a result of the friction from tattooing, they will grow back within 2-3 weeks time

  7. Continue to clean and apply aftercare product for 7 days after your procedure

  8. Do not get your brows wet! Use cling wrap to cover your brows in the shower if you need to wash your hair

  9. Let the scabs naturally fall off, the may become itchy but avoid itching at all costs as this will put the pigment out and delay healing

  10. Once healed, you may find that your brows are 'patchy' this is normal and will be corrected at the touch up session, you can use brow pencil or brow powder during this time to hide it

Please note that your brows will appear dark and 'blocky' during the first part of the healing stage as the scabs begin to form, around day 6-7 the scabs will fall off by themselves and the pigment will look like it has vanished - this is normal! The pigment will begin to come back from day 10-14 onwards. 

It is key to refrain from touching your brows with your hands as this can cause an infection which will effect the healed result of your brow tattoo. 

Please contact the clinic if you have any questions or concerns.