Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Your lashes need love and care to make sure they look their absolute best for the longest time possible!

Our Lash Tips and Tricks:

  1. Do NOT pick/rub/itch/touch your lashes

  2. Do NOT get your lashes wet for 24 hours AFTER your appointment (yes this includes crying as well)

  3. Brush your lashes morning and night - ONLY when they are DRY, do NOT brush them while they are wet

  4. Cleanse your lashes DAILY with a formulated lash cleanser!! This will remove the built up oils, makeup and dirt so that they can live their longest fluffiest life. Micellar water will not work, you must use a cleanser specifically formulate for lashes

  5. You MUST cleanse your lashes especially after crying and swimming at the beach/pool as the chlorine and salt content will cause your lashes to be stiff and cause you to have poor retention

  6. Dirty lashes can cause eye infections and poor retention. 

  7. After cleansing your lashes you can dry them with a hand held fan or your hair dryer on COLD, at an arms distance away from you and the fan setting on the lowest option - please remember not to brush your lashes until they are completely dry

  8. Silk pillow case is a must for the face sleepers, silk = softer fibres than cotton = less things for your lashes to get caught on while you get your beauty sleep

  9. NO MASCARA!!!!!!!!! Mascara is not necessary with extensions, don't do it. Mascara requires a lash removal and a brand new set

  10. Infills are needed every 2-3 weeks to maintain the health and integrity of your lashes if you are someone who has lashes on full time, at an infill appointment we remove all the outgrown extensions and replace them with new ones as well as replacing any extensions that have fallen out.

  11. If you think you may be having an allergic reaction to the extensions please contact the salon as soon as possible so we can remove them to prevent further irritation

  12. Please note: Not everyone can get an infill every 3 weeks, some people are 2 week people. This is normal and due to our bodies natural lash cycle, there is not much that can be done to help with this besides following the above aftercare to a T. 

  13. You must have at minimum 40% of your extensions left to qualify for an infill, anything under 40% or over the 3.5-4 week mark will require a full set. 

Please feel free to contact the salon if you have any questions or concerns regarding your extensions