Skin Treatments

Good Skin Doesn't Happen by Chance, it Happens by Appointment!

Skin Treatment Service List

All Treatments are tailored to your skin using Australian made, medical grade ingredients to ensure you are receiving the best results

Signature Facial


75 Minutes

Enjoy a personalised and fully tailored facial to suit your skin concerns. The Signature Facial ticks all the boxes and is the perfect place to start your skin journey or to indulge in a moment of ultimate relaxation. 

This amazing tailored facial includes a Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion, hand picked Peel to address your main concerns, LED Light Therapy and a Hydro-jelly Mask. You will also be treated to an extensive face, neck and décolletage massage to work on circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

This Facial will help to exfoliate dead and dull skin cells, helping to brighten, hydrate, prevent premature ageing, eliminate bacteria and clogged pores, reduce inflammation in the skin and promote healthy cell function.



75 Minutes

Rewind the clock and get back to feeling your best with this results driven facial! This facial uses vitamin rich and active products to help with fine lines, sun damage, sagging and wrinkles. 

Including a Double Cleanse, Peel, Hydro-Jelly Mask. Arm, Hand and Shoulder Massage, Jade Roller Facial Massage, LED Light Therapy and finishing off with our signature serums to lock in the hydration and anti-ageing effects from the facial. 



75 Minutes

Blackheads? Gone! Acne? Reduced! Congestion? Gone! This facial is targeted at getting your skin clear, smooth and looking its absolute best. 

Including a Double Cleanse, Retinol or Pumpkin Peel, Extractions, LED Light Therapy, Purifying Charcoal Hydro-jelly Mask, Massage and tailored Serum application.

Botox Facial (Lymphatic Therapy)


75 Minutes

Lymphatic Therapy (Botox Facial) is a super tightening and firming treatment mask designed to work with your circulatory system - an often overlooked, but vital component of skin health. This organ system is responsible for removing waste via our lymphatics, and nourishing our cells and tissues via our blood supply.

Including a Double Cleanse, Botox Mask, Extensive Hand and Arm Massage, Hydro-Jelly Mask, Jade Rolling Session finishing off with our Signature Serums.

Relax & Renew


60 Minutes

The name speaks for itself! The complete facial that will make you feel completely relaxed and renewed. A focus on relieving tension held in your face and upper body whilst also giving your skin the nourishment it needs. 

Including a Double Cleanse, Exfoliation, Microdermabrasion, Hydro-Jelly Mask, Jade Roller Session and an extended Hand, Arm and Shoulder Massage.

Dermapen 4 Skin Needling


60 Minutes

Skin Needling treats your skin at the deeper layers promoting glowing skin and correcting skin concerns from within.

Using the Dermapen 4 technology we are able to tailor the penetration to exactly the right length for what your skin needs for optimal results. Targeted to reducing and removing acne scarring, wrinkles/fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores, textured skin and stretch marks.  

This treatment includes a Double Cleanse, Skin Needling, Repair Mask, Repair Serum and a LED Light Therapy Session. 



30 Minutes

The perfect express pick me up! Our Express Microdermabrasion includes a double cleanse, exfoliate, microdermabrasion, mask, moisturiser and SPF. This is a good 30 minute treatment for anyone who is time poor or wanting to slot some skin TLC in between peels to accelerate cell turn over and results.



60 Minutes

Targeted specifically for dull skin and pigmentation this facial is highly results driven. All products used within this treatment contain medical grade and Australian made ingredients such as Vitamin C that treat pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dullness.

With concentrated levels of Vitamin C, encapsulated Resveratrol, Niacinamide and natural fruit acids this treatment has the power to stimulate cellular turnover whilst protecting collagen and elastin. 

Including a Double Cleanse, Exfoliation, Bio-White Peptide Peel, Brightening and Illuminating Hydro-jelly Mask, Serum and SPF. 



60 Minutes

Dry, irritated and flaky skin? We've got you! This treatment was created to relieve the stress of dry, tired skin.

Including a Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion to remove the dry skin for better product penetration, an Oxygenating Peel to bring the blood circulation back to the surface of your skin,  Hydro-Jelly Mask and handpicked serums to lock in the hydration. 



60 Minutes

The Argireline Contouring Mask targets visible signs of ageing, large pores, expression lines, creases and crinkles. Keeps skin smooth, wrinkle free and improves moisture levels in the skin.

Argireline affects the nerve-to-muscle communication whilst stimulating collagen so that the muscle contractions do not deepen expression wrinkles and hydration can be locked in.

Including a Double Cleanse, Contour Mask, Hand Massage, Serum and SPF